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Joe – Our Head Chef

Joe – Our Head Chef

Joe has always loved learning about cooking, first from his mother and grandmother as a child, and later by working under Michelin Star chef, Graham Campbell.

Joe says, ‘cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colours, there are only so many flavours. It’s how you combine them that sets you apart.’

 ‘Here at Revolution we are a team and a family. We may have all come from different ships, but we are all in the same boat now and instead of focusing on our competitors we focus on the customer.’

Monique – Our Front of House

Monique is incredible skilled at running a tight ship, which might just be because she’s a mother of five as well as our fabulous front of house. She’s very much a people person, who prides herself on making you feel very welcome.

When she’s not with her own, Monique loves being part of this special family, which she says is always growing.

Monique says, ‘Revolution is such a wonderful social hub, where the people are truly warm and inviting. I’m always happy to engage with our customers and love to have a chat, so please don’t be shy!’

Bianca – Our Barista

For those who know their coffee, they know Bianca—and she knows their order well! Not only is she bright and cheery, Bianca is always open to new suggestions, as she aims to get everyone’s coffee just right.

While she is a master of the coffee classics, with her speciality being the perfect long mac, Bianca says, ‘I’m always happy for customers to let me know how they like their coffee, and I’m pretty open to new ideas. I’ve even invented a few of my own!

Here are some of her signature brews:

  • Flug – Flat White in a mig
  • Sweet Flug – Flug + 2 Sugars
  • Flugski (or Sweet Flugski) – Flug (or Sweet Flug) with Skim Milk

Our Little Brother, The British Chippy

Right next door we’ve got a different dining experience for you to enjoy, one that truly evokes memories for expats and lovers of a seaside classic—the Chippy!

British Chippy

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